Utrasonic diagnosis of kidney stone

Kimura Urology Clinic, Tsuzuki-ward, Yokohama-city

Renal(ureteral) stones do not need to be removed by an emergency surgery.
80% of them pass through your body spontaneously.
If you live or work around Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama-City,
you could visit Kimura Urology Clinic near Center Minami Station, Yokohama Municipal Subway.
Dr. Kimura himself, an ultrasound specialist, checks your body using an ultrasound equipment,
then judges the degree of hydronephrosis and the size of the stone(s).
If the stones are expected to move away spontaneously, we would prescribe pain relievers.
For larger stones that require lithotripsy,
we would refer you to a hospital which has shock wave lithotripter.
[West Germany in 1984] I was sent to Katharinenhospital in Stuttgart, West Germany, to master the shock wave lithotripsy, in 1984.